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Attorney Robert Burgermeister

Robert Burgermeister

Attorney Associate

Robert Burgermeister is licensed to practice law in the State of California. He grew up in Switzerland and in 2000 he moved to the United States; thus, he has dual citizenship. He attended the Northwestern California University School of Law in Sacramento where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 2011 and he graduated as Juris Doctor in 2014. He was admitted to the Bar of California in 2021.

In his present position at autismlaws.com he is drafting several briefs per week. The nature of the briefs is mostly complaints and requests for due process hearings, prehearing conference statements (witness lists, documentary evidence etc.), opposition to motions to continue, closing briefs or notice of withdrawal (settlement agreements). He is also handling 2-3 court hearings per week before the OAH. Most court hearings are PHC hearings and DPH hearings. The law firm’s plan is to register him with the federal court in Los Angeles so that he can work on appeals in federal District courts (civil rights violations, substantive due process, equal protection clause, violation of federal acts 20 U.S.C. § 1400 et seq.).

He had legal experience before he became an attorney in real estate law, in collection law and in civil law. After his admission to the bar, he worked on a criminal law case in Kings County. Robert loves to travel, he has a passion for arts and history, he loves animals and sports, and he has a passion for people who need help.

Robert recognized through the law firm as smart and persistent. He has a reputation for wearing down witnesses and forcing them to tell the truth.

School District witnesses struggle when he cross examines them. He has the ability to keep a witness on the witness stand all day long until he gets the truth out of them.

Robert has also established if something is a surprise, he is a very quick thinker. On one case it took him an hour to explain and convince the Judge to rule in his favor on a motion before the court that most attorneys would have lost. These are skills either you have, or you don’t you can’t teach attorneys how to think quickly on their feet. Robert makes it look easy.

Because Robert is a world traveler. and familiar with European laws and courts as well. He brings excitement, and strategies most opposing counsels have never seen. This give Robert a great advantage as the Judges listen closely to his arguments for the Students case as he applies the constitution and educational laws to establish why the student is correct and the District is wrong.

Robert is a distinct and strong attorney for the Students he represents for this Law Firm.

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