Having the pleasure of knowing Tom who was one of the true experts of educational Law and understanding his ideas of how to make and challenge the Courts to understand and make the correct determination that had to be decided to address true Justice for those with disabilities as they pursue independent lifestyles and education. His patience with my numerous questions and exchange of philosophies which truly helped sharpen my creative ways to argue cases. I am eternally grateful for the thoughts, laughter, even the quote; “it’s ok to take the money sometimes referring to a settlement” That was something I have been able to communicate to parents and attorneys alike.

His secretary laughed at me when I apologized for sending her a written legal thought for Tom… she said; “Tom goes to lunch and brings me back napkins with legal thoughts on it.”

Having opportunities to eat, drink , and talk in a casual atmosphere with Tom has made me ultimately stronger and much wiser providing guidance to attorneys, parents, and the students we fight so hard for. I thank him and will cherish the short time we shared together.

Lou Brown, James Peters, and Thomas K. Gilhool

Thomas Gilhool

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