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Autism has impacted people all over the world. Autism Answers has information to share from here in the United States, and soon more from around the world. In the months to come, when you travel abroad, we will have information on services there also. We provide travel information on places and people who welcome and can assist children and adults with autism. In the past, social networking information was slow to be disseminated to the general public, however that has now changed, and with the speed of today’s internet many of the answers people seek, are there at the touch of a button.

As you travel, we encourage you to e-mail us, use face book, twitter, let us know and share your travel and living experiences. We are all in this together. Autism Answers will check and confirm the information as quickly as possible and share it with everyone. This is true about moving from one state to another. If you share information about experiences in your state when someone moves to that area, the information you share may expedite the process for them and rather than waste precious time, they can hit the ground running.

Whatever experiences and information you have to share, from your state, city, county, neighborhood…there will be other families that may benefit from the information. There is strength, friendship, and kindness in the connection between parents who have children with a diagnosis of autism. You have a sense of what others are going through, although our situation may be a little different, the fact is parents don’t have to be told everything, they simply understand so much about autism from their first hand experience.

As you check on the agencies shared on our website, feel free to let us know if they were helpful or if you found them to be insensitive. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and feedback. Click on a state for more info:


Learning Disabilities Association of Oklahoma
The Learning Disabilities Association of Oklahoma (LDAO) is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with learning disabilities and their families through education, advocacy, research and service.

Oklahoma Autism Alliance
The Alliance is made up of the Oklahoma Autism Network and the Oklahoma Family Center for Autism as well as other collaborating organizations who share a common vision of improving supports and services for individuals with autism and their families in the state.

Oklahoma Parents Center

The Oklahoma Parents Center is dedicated to the inclusion and equality of children and adults with disabilities. Our mission is to train, inform, educate and support parents, families, professionals and consumers in building partnerships that meet the needs of children and youth with the full range of disabilities from birth through age 26.

Oklahoma Family Network, Inc.
The Oklahoma Family Network is Oklahoma’s non-profit parent-to-parent mentorship and referral network, empowering families who are raising children with special health-care or disability needs.

OASIS is a statewide resource center, providing information, referral and assistance for Oklahomans with disabilities and special health-care needs. Anyone needing help can call the toll-free number at 800-426-2747 or search our directory. OASIS has a database of thousands of agencies, organizations and programs throughout the state, and can help people find the services they need in their area. OASIS also has listings of national organizations and agencies as well as local support groups and parent-to-parent support.

TARC- Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Network
The Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Network is a place where you can find information about disabilities, learn about available programs and services, and connect with others like yourself.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Oklahoma State Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council
The Council promotes quality services and programs that enable persons with developmental disabilities to realize increased independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion in the community. Though not providers of direct services, the Council has assisted thousands of Oklahomans to live, work, play and learn in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Oklahoma Disability Law Center


Bridge way House
Bridgeway House offers treatments, therapies, counseling, education, instruction, training, advocacy, support and resource information for children and families of all income levels with autism and related disabilities.

National Indian Parent Information Center
NIPIC is a non-profit organization, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Our board consists of a majority of Indian family members who themselves are Indian parents who have children/young adults with disabilities. We also have representation of individuals from organizations around the United States that serve Indian families.

Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities
The mission of the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities is to create change that improves the lives of Oregonians with developmental disabilities.

Oregon Families Information Referral Services and Training, (Or FIRST) is a private, non-profit organization committed to serving families of children (birth to age 26) with disabilities. The mission of Or FIRST is to empower parents of children with disabilities to feel prepared to address the diverse needs of their children.

Portland Asperger’s Network
Portland Asperger’s Network is a parent support organization in Portland, Oregon, that assists families of children with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism spectrum disorders.

Disability Compass
Disability Compass is a web-based resource for people with disabilities, their families and their supporters. Our site provides access to thousands of disability-related organizations, services, programs and products. Recognizing the value of all community resources, we have included not only local branches of large national and international organizations, but also informal, local support groups.

Oregon Department of Human Services

Oregon Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Partners in Policymaking
Oregon Partners in Policymaking makes participants better advocates for themselves, their family members and the greater disability community. Participants learn about communicating and advocating effectively, services and supports, best practices and approaches, and current policy issues. They learn how to participate in the policymaking process at all levels, so that they can be equal partners in the decisions that impact their lives.

People First of Oregon
Although this statewide organization is no longer active, their website is a useful online resource about the People First and self-advocacy movement.

Disability Rights Oregon


Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders
ABOARD helps those with autism achieve their maximum social, educational and vocational potential. If you live in or are moving to Pennsylvania, contact ABOARD for individual and confidential support and guidance.

Browse this site for information about ASCEND Group, Inc., the Asperger & Autism Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. ASCEND members receive many excellent benefits.

Autism Support Network
ASN is a non-profit, parent-run organization that provides support and information to families with children who have a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum. We also provide education and advocacy to parents through informal monthly meetings, conferences and community activities.

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare- Autism Services

Keystone Human Services
The Keystone Children & Family Services agency is an integrated delivery system for services geared toward children and families. Striving to incorporate the concerns of home, family, school and community from an innovative, multi-dimensional and holistic perspective, KC&FS provides a variety of supports to help children succeed in these realms.

NHS Human Services
NHS Human Services (NHS), through its subsidiaries, is a community-based, non-profit organization with 40 years of experience serving the special needs of children and adults. As a leading provider of community-based behavioral healthcare for the public sector, NHS offers a full range of integrated services in the areas of behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, addictive diseases, therapeutic foster care, juvenile justice and elder care.

Parent Education Network

PEN is part of a national system of Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs), serving north central, northeast, and southeast and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PEN is a coalition of professionals and parents of children representing a range of disabilities and ages. We are committed to serving parents of all special- needs children–birth to adulthood–including parents of children in preschool, regular education classes, educational/residential placement, adult systems and those not yet identified as needing service.

The Center for Autism
The Center for Autism is the oldest specialized autism treatment and evaluation center in the nation. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
The mission of the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania is to advance, protect and advocate for the human, civil and legal rights of Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council
The Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council is a group made up of people with disabilities, family members, advocates and state department representatives who work to create favorable conditions for people with developmental disabilities and their families in the Commonwealth. Created under a federal act and Governor’s Executive Order, the Council is both a planning group and a funding body.

Pennsylvania Health Law Project
PHLP provides free legal services to lower-income consumers, seniors and persons with disabilities who are having trouble accessing publicly funded health-care coverage or services. If you are denied or have been terminated from enrollment in a publicly funded health-care program or have had a service denied, reduced or terminated, PHLP may provide you free direct representation on your appeal.


Developmental Disabilities Council
Puerto Rico DD Council
P.O.Box 9543
Santurce, PR 00908
Phone: (787) 722-0595
FAX: (787) 721-3622
E-Mail: prced@prtc.net
Executive Director: Myrainne Z. Roa Mendez

Sociedad de Padres de Niños Autista

Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Protection and Advocacy System


I Care
I Care is a support group for families of individuals with ASD. All are welcome to join us as we share and learn from each other. We openly discuss a variety of topics facing families touched by autism spectrum disorder, including but not limited to school services, health, behavior, therapy and related seminars.

FEAT of Rhode Island
Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Rhode Island’s (FEAT/RI) mission is to disseminate accurate information regarding autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and effective science-based treatment to families, professionals and our community, and to provide guidance, support, training and advocacy for families of children with ASD.

Division of Developmental Disabilities
The Division is responsible for planning, providing and administering a community system of services/ supports for adults with developmental disabilities in Rhode Island by enhancing the quality of support/services so that people with disabilities can identify and move toward personal futures of inclusion and participation in community life; safeguarding the health and safety of people with disabilities through quality management activities that promote human rights and protect people from abuse; and ensuring equitable access to and allocation of available resources in order to be responsive to the individual needs of the person.

Rhode Island Developmental Disabilities Council
Promoting the ideas that will enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities is one of the Council’s missions. Under our federal enabling legislation, we must stay abreast of and share information about new programs and services and important issues, trends and ideas that are of concern to people with developmental disabilities, families, service agencies, business and community leaders, legislators and policymakers. Our website connects people with the information they need to make positive changes in their lives or develop a frame of reference for decision making.

Rhode Island Parent Information Network
The Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN) provides information, support and training to empower parents, families, individuals and family-serving professionals to become effective advocates for themselves and the children in their care.

The Autism Project of Rhode Island
The Autism Project of Rhode Island is a dedicated

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Group of parents, teachers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists and other related professionals our mission is to empower parents and professionals to educate and support individuals with autism and their families.

Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Rhode Island Disability Law Center
The Rhode Island Disability Law Center (RIDLC) provides free legal assistance to persons with disabilities. Services include individual representation to protect rights or secure benefits and services, self-help information, educational programs, and administrative and legislative advocacy.


The Autism Advocate Foundation
The Autism Advocate Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in 2004 by parents of children with autism spectrum disorders living in Horry County, South Carolina. Our goal is to provide supports and services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders so that they may become active, contributing and fulfilled members of our community.

SC Children with Special Health Care Needs

Early Autism Project
The mission of the Early Autism Project, Inc., is threefold: to provide appropriate and effective ABA home and school programming that will enable each child in our care to reach his or her potential; to foster the close collaboration of parents and professionals who support the child; and to equip each child’s home or school team with ABA training and supervision that will ensure high-quality and consistent teaching, error correction procedures and behavioral intervention.

Family Connection
Family Connection of South Carolina, Inc., is a network of parents working with community professionals to provide parent-to-parent support and assurance to families with children of all ages who have special needs.

Family Resource Center for Special Needs and Disability
The Family Resource Center was organized to promote opportunities for learning, inclusion and empowerment for individuals with disabilities and special needs, their families, and their communities through education, advocacy and outreach.

The South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council
The mission of the South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council is to provide leadership in advocating, funding and implementing initiatives that recognize the inherent dignity of each individual and promote independence, productivity, respect and inclusion for all persons with disabilities and their families.

SC Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Disability Action Center
The Disability Action Center, Inc. (DAC) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, consumer-governed Center for Independent Living that serves the citizens of 23 South Carolina counties. Programs and services provide knowledge and tools to help people with disabilities recognize existing community resources, enhance personal opportunities and determine the future direction of their lives.

Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc
Established in 1977 as the Protection and Advocacy (P&A) system for the state of South Carolina, Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc. (P&A) is mandated by state and federal law to protect the rights of people with disabilities in South Carolina by enabling individuals to advocate for themselves, speaking on their behalf when they have been discriminated against or denied a service to which they are entitled, and promoting policies and services that respect their choices.


Black Hills Workshop and Training Center
The Black Hills Workshop and Training Center provides quality services and supports to people with disabilities. We serve over 600 individuals age 16 and older with various disabilities including learning and developmental disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, head trauma, chronic mental illness, physical impairments and others.

Department of Human Services – Division of Developmental Disabilities

South Dakota Parent Connection
South Dakota Parent Connection, Inc., is a Parent Training and Information Center. We are a non-profit organization formed by parents, educators and services personnel to provide information and training to parents of children with disabilities or special health-care needs throughout the state of South Dakota.

Council on Developmental Disabilities
The Council was established in response to the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act), which requires a state council to serve as an advocate for all persons with developmental disabilities by carrying out priority activities.

South Dakota Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Native American Advocacy Program
NAAP is a statewide, non-profit, grassroots organization for persons residing on and off the lands of the nine tribal nations in South Dakota. We are chartered both with the state of South Dakota as well as the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

South Dakota Advocacy Services
South Dakota Advocacy Services (SDAS) is the independent, private, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation designated by the Governor to assist in providing protection and advocacy services to eligible South Dakotans.


Beyond the Limits and Autism Resource Connection
This organization focuses on providing information about current biomedical research, tests, treatments and therapies for autism, and fundraises to make grants available to people with autism in Tennessee.

Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

DISABILITY Resource Center
We work with people who have disabilities to create their own practical plan to achieve independence based on their goals, priorities and needs.

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder
Pathfinder is a statewide information and referral service that connects the Tennessee disability community with service providers. Referral services, free of cost, are provided to persons with disabilities, family members, service providers and advocates.

Tennessee Voices for Children
Tennessee Voices for Children (TVC) is a not-for-profit, statewide advocacy agency for families whose children have emotional, behavioral and/or mental health issues. Our mission is to bridge the gap between professionals and family members so that they can work as a team to do what is best for the child and family.

Department of Human Services

Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Council on Developmental Disabilities

Disability Law and Advocacy Center
DLAC advocates for the rights of Tennesseans with disabilities to ensure they have an equal opportunity to be productive and respected members of our society.


ASPIE of Houston
ASPIE of Houston is a parent and professional support group serving the Greater Houston area that was created to provide information sharing and support to the many families and professionals who live and work with individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Center for Health Care Services
The Center for Health Care Services improves the lives of people with mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse challenges.

Department of State Health Services

FEAT Houston
The FEAT Houston website is updated at least monthly and has the most up-to-date newsletter, meeting details and autism news. It also provides information on contact details for both local and national resources and, where known, Internet links to online resources.

Family Service Association
Family Service Association of San Antonio is the oldest human service agency in San Antonio dedicated to helping children, seniors and families in need. From 6 neighborhood locations and 32 school campuses, Family Service provides high-quality services in English and Spanish to residents from all ethnic and racial backgrounds and socio-economic levels in 11 counties.

Partners Resource Network
Partners Resource Network (PRN) is a non-profit agency that operates the statewide network of federally funded Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) in Texas.

Texas Education Agency

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

The Disability Policy Consortium
The Consortium is an independent group of statewide advocacy organizations that strives to achieve the development and full implementation of public policy that promotes and supports the rights, inclusion, integration and independence of Texans with disabilities.

Advocacy, Inc.
Advocacy, Inc., is the federally funded and authorized protection and advocacy system for Texans with disabilities. Its mission is to advocate for, protect and advance the legal, human and service rights of people with disabilities.


Virgin Islands Family Information Network on Disabilities
As a Parent Training and Information Center V.I.FIND helps parents:

  • UNDERSTAND the disability and their child’s needs
  • LEARN of their rights under IDEA and ADA
  • EMPOWER themselves to seek services and actively participate in decisions affecting their child
  • LOCATE information, resources, programs and services available for their child with a disability
  • COMMUNICATE effectively with professionals and service providers working with their child
  • PROVIDE follow-up support for their child’s special education

Parents Uniting Schools and Homes
It is a PIRC (Parent Information Resource Center) that provides information, resources, referrals, workshops, empowerment and support.

U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Human Services

Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Disability Rights Center


Access Utah Network
Access Utah Network’s mission is making Utah accessible through implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Center for Persons with Disabilities
The CPD accomplishes its mission through interdisciplinary education, exemplary services, technical assistance, research and evaluation, and dissemination of information. Its work is conducted through some 70 programs and projects funded primarily through external grants and contracts.

Utah Department of Human Services- Services for People with Disabilities
We promote opportunities and provide support for persons with disabilities to lead self-determined lives. We oversee home- and community-based services for more than 4,000 people who have disabilities. Support includes community living, day services, supported employment services, and other support for people with disabilities and their families.

Utah Parent Center
The mission of the Utah Parent Center is to help parents help their children with disabilities to live included, productive lives as members of the community. We accomplish our mission by providing accurate information, empathetic peer support, valuable training and effective advocacy based on the concept of parents helping parents.

Autism Council of Utah
The Autism Council of Utah is an independent council working to foster collaboration, communication and learning among families and agencies. Our aim is to promote access to resources and responsible information for individuals of all ages who have or are affected by autism or related conditions. The Council accomplishes this by supporting statewide partnerships to collaborate on special projects, research and training.

Special Education Services

Utah Personnel Development Center
The UPDC is a staff development project sponsored by the Utah Comprehensive System for Personnel Development (CSPD) Consortium for Special Education. The Center serves special educators, regular educators, paraprofessionals, parents, administrators, ancillary personnel and students with disabilities from all 40 school districts.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities
The Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities (LCPD) advocates for public policy affecting all people in Utah who have disabilities.

Disability Law Center
The mission of the Disability Law Center is to enforce and strengthen laws that protect the opportunities, choices and legal rights of people with disabilities in Utah.

Utah Developmental Disabilities Council
The purpose of the Council is to advocate for and strengthen leadership skills in individuals with disabilities and their families. In addition, the Council collaborates with the legislature and public and private agencies that serve individuals with disabilities to strengthen the service system.


Vermont Parent Information Center
The Vermont Parent Information Center (VPIC) is a statewide network of support and information for families who have a child with special needs or disabilities, and the professionals who work with them. VPIC serves families of children with special needs from birth to 26 years of age. Our goal is to offer programs to families that are helpful, relevant and easy to access. Most of our programs are free of charge.

Department of Health – Agency of Human Services

Division of Disability and Aging Services – Autism Supports
To develop and enhance the system of support in the home and community for people with autism spectrum disorders by working with community agencies, support groups and government departments to address system issues, enhance service delivery and develop or provide training. Also, focus is on developing systems of support and professional development in and for schools statewide for students with autism spectrum disorders.

Developmental Disabilities Services Crisis Contact Information
Provides a comprehensive list of contact numbers organized by county

Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Developmental Disabilities Council
The Council is a statewide board that works to increase public awareness about critical issues affecting people with developmental disabilities and their families. In addition to state agency and nonprofit representatives, 14 of its 23 members (61%) are self-advocates and family members.

Vermont Protection and Advocacy
Part of the National Protection and Advocacy system, VP&A is a statewide agency dedicated to advancing the rights of people with mental health and disabilities issues. VP&A is dedicated to addressing problems, questions and complaints brought to it by Vermonters with disabilities. Its mission is to promote the equality, dignity and self-determination of people with disabilities.


Commonwealth Autism Service
The mission of Commonwealth Autism Service is to provide leadership in the implementation of a statewide system of services to maximize the potential and quality of life of each Virginian with autism across the lifespan. Services include information and referral; a website; embedded staff model partnerships with school divisions; a Developmental Disorders Assessment Clinic; observation, assessment, consultation and recommendation services; training; Medicaid waiver services; comprehensive service auditing; management consultation; a conference and workshops; and Autism Action Groups.

Organization for Autism Research
Created by parents and grandparents of children and adults on the autism spectrum, the Organization for Autism Research set out to use applied science to answer questions that parents, families, individuals with autism, teachers and caregivers confront daily.

Parent to Parent of Virginia
Through its network of volunteers, Parent to Parent of Virginia offers emotional support and understanding; coping skills and a model of positive family integration of children with disabilities; information about services, support programs and advocacy organizations; and introduction and access to people and groups who share their concerns and interests and who can help meet their needs, as well as those of their children.

Partnership for People with Developmental Disabilities
Our mission is to partner with communities to support, respect and include individuals with disabilities and their families. Based on current knowledge and research, we work with others to increase choices for individuals, change systems, improve services and affect public policy. We provide technical assistance, conduct research, disseminate information, and engage in advocacy and prevention activities.

Center for Special Education Advocacy
The mission of the Center for Special Education Advocacy is to achieve a public school system in Virginia that consistently provides all students with disabilities a free, appropriate public education designed to meet their unique needs, to prepare them for employment and independent living, and to ensure that the rights of students with disabilities and their parents are protected.

Virginia Department of Education

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Legal Services of Northern Virginia
Legal Services of Northern Virginia (LSNV) is a non-profit public interest law firm that provides free legal assistance to low-income residents of Northern Virginia. Our mission is to provide high-quality legal assistance to families and individuals who face the loss or deprivation of a critical human need, such as food, shelter, income, medical care, education, family stability or personal safety.

Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
PEATC works collaboratively with families, schools and communities in order to improve opportunities for excellence in education and success in school and community life. Our special focus is children with disabilities.

Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy
VOPA protects and advances the legal, human and civil rights of persons with disabilities; combats and prevents abuse, neglect and discrimination; and promotes independence, choice and self-determination by persons with disabilities.

Virginia Board for People with Developmental Disabilities
As Virginia’s Developmental Disabilities (DD) Planning Council, VBPD works for the benefit of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to identify needs and help develop policies, programs and services that will meet these needs in a manner that respects dignity and independence.


ADC Pathways to Employment
ADC is the largest provider of vocational training services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Cowlitz County, WA. We have been successful in helping people with disabilities reach their goals, through training and job placement services. Through the power of work, we continue to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Alliance of People with disabilities
With offices in Seattle and Redmond, the Alliance of People with disabilities provides resources and support for people living with disabilities in King County. Programs include information and referral services, independent living skills training, peer groups, the Disabilities Law Project (DLP), emergency preparedness, access reviews, systems advocacy and community education.

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services- Developmental Disabilities Division

Autism Guidebook for Washington State – Autism Life Span Resource Tree
Provides a detailed chart of services offered in the state from birth through adulthood.

Families for the Effective Treatment of Autism Washington
Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Washington serve families of children with autism and their educators. We blend family and community resources into one dynamic nonprofit organization. FEAT of Washington collaborates with many local and national partners as it expands its programming for children and young adults with autism.

Parent to Parent Power
Parent to Parent Power (PPP) has been serving Asian families in the community since 1981. PPP helps families’ access culturally appropriate information, support and training pertaining to their family members’ special needs.

The Father’s Network
The Fathers Network advocates for and provides resources and support to all men who have children with special needs.

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction – Special Education

Autism Outreach Project
The Autism Outreach Project provides information, dissemination of demographic data, referrals and training on best practices in identification and program development for students with autism spectrum disorders to Washington families, schools and agencies.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council
The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council is appointed by the Governor to promote a comprehensive system of services, and serve as an advocate and a planning body for Washington State’s citizens with developmental disabilities.

Northwest Justice Project
The Northwest Justice Project provides hundreds of free legal resources, legal information and self-help materials for civil legal problems in Washington State. Materials are available in English, Spanish, Russian and other languages.

Disability Rights Washington
Disability Rights Washington is a private, non-profit organization that protects the rights of people with disabilities statewide, providing free advocacy services to people with disabilities. Our mission is to advance the dignity, equality and self-determination of people with disabilities. We work to pursue justice on matters related to human and legal rights.


West Virginia Waiver Families
A place for West Virginians involved with the Title XIX MR/DD Waiver program to share information, ideas, experiences, tips and advocacy efforts. Topics also include Title V CSHCN, Medicaid and other programs for West Virginians with special needs, young and old alike.

Division for Developmental Disabilities

West Virginia Learning Disabilities, Inc.
Affiliated with the Learning Disabilities Association of America, the West Virginia Learning Disabilities Association, Inc. (WVLDA) is a statewide, nonprofit organization of parents, professionals and adults dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with learning disabilities.

West Virginia Autism Training Center
The mission of the WV Autism Training Center is to provide education, training and treatment programs for West Virginians who have autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) or Asperger’s Disorder, and have been formally registered with the Center. This is done through appropriate education, training and support for professional personnel, family members or guardians, and other important people in the life of a person with autism. Training is provided by highly skilled and appropriately experienced staff.

West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council
The Council’s mission is to assure that West Virginians with developmental disabilities receive the services, supports and opportunities they need to achieve independence, productivity, integration and inclusion into the community of their choice.

West Virginia Parent Training and Information Center
West Virginia Parent Training and Information, Inc. (WVPTI), is a non-profit agency that operates the statewide federally funded Parent Training and Information Center for West Virginia. The programs and services of WVPTI are based on the concept of parents helping parents. Our mission is to empower parents of children and youth with disabilities in their roles as parents, decision makers and advocates for their children, and to promote partnerships among parents and professionals.

Department of Education – Office of Special Programs

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Partners in Policymaking
Partners in Policymaking are a leadership program for adults with developmental disabilities and parents of young children with developmental disabilities. Partners become familiar with the policymaking and legislative process at the local, state and federal levels. The program teaches skills necessary for individuals to become advocates who can influence the system of services for people with developmental disabilities.

West Virginia Advocates
West Virginia Advocates, Inc. (WVA) is mandated by the federal government to advocate for and protect the legal rights of West Virginians with disabilities. WVA is a private, nonprofit agency and our services are confidential and free of charge.


Wisconsin Department of Health Services
The Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services provides information for families, providers and county staff about autism services and the Children’s Long-Term Support Home- and Community-Based Medicaid Waivers.

Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council
The goal of the Council is for each Native American child with special health-care needs to receive a complete developmental and medical assessment, including an Individual Family Service Plan.

Parent to Parent of Wisconsin
Parent to Parent of Wisconsin provides parent support to parents of children with special needs through a one-to-one connection with another parent who has similar experience and knows firsthand about the feelings and realities that come with having a child with special needs.

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin
Respite Care Association of Wisconsin is the only statewide organization dedicated to promoting planned and crisis respite care across the lifespan. RCAW serves as the central point of contact for respite programs across the state. Our products and services include training, technical assistance, information and referral, a lending library and publications.

Family Village
The Family Village is a website for children and adults with disabilities, their families, and their friends and allies. Family Village brings together thousands of online resources in an organized, easy-to-use directory. Visitors can also learn about assistive technology, legal rights and legislation, special education, leisure activities and more.

Wisconsin FACETS
The Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training & Support, Inc. (WI FACETS) is a nonprofit organization serving Wisconsin children and adults with disabilities, their families and those who support them. We were founded by parents who believed that parents are the best advocates for their children. WI FACETS operates programs to help parents, professionals and others support and enrich the lives of children with disabilities.

Wisconsin Family Ties
We are a statewide, not-for-profit organization run by families for families that include children and adolescents who have emotional, behavioral, and mental and substance abuse disorders. We help parents develop the skills necessary to advocate for their families and children.

Public Health Information and Referral Services

Wisconsin Parents of Children with Developmental Delays
To provide families of children with developmental delays, including autistic spectrum disorders (PDD), with support and information.

Special Education Services

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities
The Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities was established to advocate on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities, foster welcoming and inclusive communities, and improve the disability service system. The Council’s mission is to help people with developmental disabilities become independent, productive and included in all facets of community life.

Disability Rights Wisconsin
Disability Rights Wisconsin is a statewide resource for individuals, families, service professionals and others concerned with disability issues. Designated by the Governor to ensure the rights of all state citizens with disabilities through individual advocacy and system change, the private, nonprofit group is part of a national system of federally mandated independent disability agencies.



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