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Attorney Leroy Sumter

Leroy Sumter

Attorney Associate

A licensed Calaifornia attorney. Has become one of our strongest Litigators. He understands and gives real thought and understands a Parents perspective on why Special Education programs and services are so very inportant to the success ful education of each Student.

His co-counsels at the Law Firm, have noted Parents feel protected and feel very pleased he is in the court room leading their case.

Leroy is a outstanding thinker. He studeis his cases very closley
Leroy Sumter was born SC to the parents of John Luther & Martha Sumter and raised in Cameron, SC.


He enlisted in the Marine Corps after graduating high school in 1982. Served 14 years as an enlisted Marine and 11 years as a Commissioned Officer.

He retired from active duty in July of 2007 and embarked on his career in Corporate America as a manager in the Aero Space Engineering Industry. He served as Product Support Manager, Manager, ATS Cabin Product Support, Pr. Strategic Development Manager for Rockwell Collins, United Technologies Corporation and Safran Avionics and Defense System.

As a retired Marinr who has fought for his country he brings to the courtroom the same fight Parents seek for their child seeking an appriopriate education.

Leroy brings the hard work of a Marine work ethic, protecting, leading, and winning for the Special education kids he represents.

Leroy takes comand of the court room I asssure exer Special Education case he takes he expects to win!!

Leroy dose not belive in good luck regarding a case. He belives in greatb prepration, understanding the factrs of the case, and knowing the Law is what wins cases for the kids!

Leroy is ready to proceede, and prepared to win every case!

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