James Daniel Peters III

Executive Director Testified before Congress on special education Former National Dev. Corp. TASH
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attorney sheila bayne

Sheila Bayne Esq.

CEO, Attorney for 31 years Special Education teacher 24 years
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James D. Peters, III

Jim has testified before Congress regarding the re-authorization of IDEA. He is one of the top legal minds regarding Special education. He has special knowledge of Autism, Educational Law, Autism services, and works with many of the top Educational Consultants, Psychologists, and Professors from around the country. He is the former National Development Coordinator for TASH. He has advised Congressional members, Governors, U.S. Senators and White House Cabinet members regarding disabilities. His expertise is in representing students with disabilities and their parents in special education and civil rights disputes with school districts and school district officials who fail to comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”), and comparable provisions of state law. He is a Key note speaker. He is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities and their parents in securing a “free appropriate public education,” as promised by the IDEA. He also fights for self-determination so that all individuals can obtain a meaningful education that will prepare them to live independently, as productive members of society. Jim’s colleagues comprise of Psychologists, lawyers, parents, paralegals and advocates, most of whom are also parents of individuals with learning or severe disabilities.

Governor Jeb Bush and Jim Peters

Jim has been helping people with disabilities and their families to search for human dignity and companionship for over 20 years. He lives and understands the feelings and struggles of over seven million Americans who have disabilities or who have family members with disabilities, or are affected by disability laws. He has been improving and enabling education for all. He has taught Special Education Law at California New Hope University, and communicates regularly with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.


Congressman Bobby Scott (D) Virginia and Jim Peters
Congresswoman Diana Degette (D) Colorado and Jim Peters Congressman Bobby Scott (D) Virginia and Jim Peters

Congressman Dan Burton (R) (IND) and James Daniel Peters III

Jim is a spokesperson for State and Federal policy efforts with the goal of promoting progressive disability policy and increasing staff and legislator recognition of the needs of individuals with disabilities, as well as the needs of general education students.

Fifty years after Brown vs. The Board of Ed, He knows for some, education is still an enormous struggle. Jim comes from a family who believes there is a special place for those that stand up, protect, and serve others. Jim said, “Maybe it was my personal exposure to Martin Luther King, Jr., Andy Young, Rabbi Steven Foster, Ralph Abernathy, and others during the Civil Rights Movement, My Father worked under Martin as a State Director of SCLC IN Connecticut”. As a youngster Jim learned the idea that change needs to take place in the minds and hearts of everyday people.

Jim has been persuading school districts and public agencies to provide quality services, training, and support so that every individual with any disability can live an inclusive and productive life. He has also been mobilizing parents to become the driving force for inclusive education in their local schools. In addition to this, he has been reminding teachers, group home-care providers, supported living vendors, and vocational program job coaches that self-determination is not a request made by individuals with disabilities or their families; it is, In fact, a right under the U.S. Constitution.

Jim is now communicating to our society that the rights requested by those with disabilities are truly civil rights, not special rights, and must be honored as such.

As a National Civil Rights advocate for Individuals with disabilities today and, as former National Development Coordinator his mission includes disability awareness throughout the United States as well as 21 countries around the world. He is an effective representative for progressive disability education and general education policy and support. Jim’s expertise on Governmental Affairs includes assisting in efforts to influence State and Federal policy.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. met with Jim in Washington D.C. to discuss children with a diagnosis of Autism. Jesse and Jim’s father marched and worked together with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse was President Obama’s co-chair for his Presidential campaign.
JAMES DANIEL PETERS III. & JUDY HUEMANN Former Assistant U. S. Secretary Education
Lou Brown, James Peters, and Thomas K. Gilhool


Dr. David Paltin

Dr. David Paltin is a licensed psychologist in the State of California and has practiced child and adolescent psychology since 1992, or over twenty-five years. He has specialization in areas of child development, autism related disorders, child testing and assessment, child abuse assessment and intervention, and childhood mental health disorders he has taught these subjects in university and college settings and have had extensive experience working with children within this scope.

He received a degree a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Hawaii in 1982. He

attended the United States International University in San Diego, California, where he obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Dr. Paltin is a adjunct faculty and teaches child psychopathology, testing and assessment, child and adolescent development, ethics, cognitive psychology.  He is also an adjunct faculty member at Chapman University and teach undergraduate courses in abnormal psychology and child development.  He provides and maintains a private practice and consult with the community service agencies, and child and adolescent health care programs. He conducts psychological assessments on a regular basis and consult with a range of professional and non-professional parties.

Dr. Paltin regularly consults and provides in-services for students in school districts, including the Corona-Norco School District in Riverside County. Dr. Paltin has completed formal and informal assessments on more than 1,000 children and adolescents, and he is an expert in educational psychological services.

1990 Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

1988 Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

1984 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


The Parents’ Hyperactivity Handbook, Plenum Press, 1993

“Lessons from the Throwaway Children,” Journal of National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, (11), 2000

“Cultural Sensitivity Through Home Visitation,” Cultural Connection (V,2), 1999

“Helmuth Kaiser and J.F. Masterson: Can an Existential Therapist Survive in an Object World?” Psychotherapy, Fall, 1993

“Chemical and Biological Violence: Predictive Patterns in State and Terrorist Behavior,” Chapter in Collective Violence: Effective Strategies for Assessing and Interviewing in Fatal Group and Institutional Aggression. (H. Hall, L. Whitaker, Eds.): Pacific Institute for the Study of Conflict and Aggression, 1999.

“Predicting Terrorist Behavior: Chemical and Biological Weapons,” Journal of Threat Assessment 2(3), Haworth Press: 2003.

“Predicting Terrorist Behavior: Chemical and Biological Weapons” Reprinted in Terrorism: Strategies for Intervention: Haworth Press, 2004.


Multiple presentations and lectures in Academic classes (2000 – 2015) University of Hawaii, 1983 – Seminar Instructor, Psychology

of Adjustment
Systems That Care, 1998 – Childhood Disorders and Special Education Hawaii ADHD Conference, 1997 – Adult Solutions for ADHD


Child and Adolescent Neurobiology, Attention Disorders, Developmental Disorders/Autism, Education of Atypical Students, Psychological Testing, Individual and Group Violence Prediction.

9/2013-Present Director – Behavior Partners NPA

Behavior Partners is an NPA that provides assessment and intervention services To students in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. In addition, Behavior Partners Provides consultative informational support to public schools, private agencies, a and parents.

12/99-Present Psychologist

Adult and pediatric psychology practice with a specialty in child psychodiagnostics, child assessment, and forensics. Education-related services are also provided under certification with the Department of Education, State of California as a Non-Public Agency. Psychoeducational and psychological testing in special education settings as an Independent Evaluator. Participation in special education IEP meetings, mediation and Administrative Hearings.

12/99-Present Contract Psychologist – Providence Community Services

Child therapy, testing and assessment services for MediCal children and families residing in dependent or group home care. Specialized diagnostic testing in Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and the effects of trauma and abuse.

1/01-Present Core Adjunct Faculty – National University

Located in several sites in Orange County, courses taught have included graduate psychopharmacology, psychological measurement, statistics, psychobiology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology (a complete list of courses taught is found at the end of this vita.

9/00 – Present Adjunct Faculty – Columbia College – Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base

Adjunct instruction in a variety of areas. Columbia College maintains a vision and mission of serving educational needs of individuals within or exiting from military service. Courses taught include research methods, statistics, introduction to psychology.

Adjunct Faculty – Alliant International University

Instruction in Assessment and intervention with atypical student populations. Focus on team participation in student problem solving and provision of special needs to non-traditional students.

Executive Director of Outpatient Services – Aspen Community Services

Executive management and oversight of 8 child and adolescent outpatient and day treatment programs in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Direct supervision Program Directors and their staff. Aspen clinics serve over 300 consumers in Southern California. Duties included fiscal and managerial responsibility for outpatient and day treatment programs.

Psychologist/Clinical Training Coordinator – Aspen Health Services

Full Time psychologist in the Aspen Child and Adolescent outpatient program. Duties included training and supervision of doctoral students and interns, therapy, testing, and crisis intervention.

Psychologist – Private Practice

Provided psychological and forensic service to children and adults in Ka’u, Hilo and Kona. Specialization in Disruptive Behavior Disorders and ADHD, parent training, and community intervention. Forensic Evaluative services for Superior, Family, and Civil Court, 3rd District. Consultation and training for the State Department of Education, Child Protective Services, and EAP programs.


Dr. Dian Tackett

Is considered one of the best Behavioral specialist in the Country.

A specialist in DEVELOPING AN FBA. As well as determining, AND EXPLAINING THE  flaws of  School District FBA’s.

An Expert with understanding Students with autism and related behaviors.

Am Expert at Developing Behavioral intervention Plans that work inside and at home!

Dr. Tackett completed a doctoral program under THE Dr. Wayne Sailor, at the University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas-Special Education Autism/Asperger/Behavior Disorders and Psychology and Research in Education. She completed a BCBA program at National University and is a Los Angeles-Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  She has a M.A. from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in the field of Psychology, with a Minor in Special Education. She holds a teacher credential in California Special Education, for Mild/Moderate, and Moderate/Severe disabilities.

Dr. Tackett provides educational and behavioral supports and services to individuals with autism and Asperger syndrome- conducting assessments, evaluations, developing appropriate Educational, Behavioral, and Social Skills programs provide support for teachers and families that include all training and information necessary to ensure the highest quality of life for individuals and their families.

Dr. Tackett has a wide range of professional experience, she has been the Owner-Clinical Director at a Non- Public Agency, in Los Angeles CA. She has developed educational curriculum with topics that surround autism and Asperger Syndrome for various universities and agencies that provide continuing education credits for teachers, school psychologists and other related professionals. She has been an Adjunct Faculty at National University, Los Angeles, CA., and was an Autism /Behavior Specialist for the Redondo Beach Unified School District, Redondo Beach, CA from 2004-2008.