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COVID19 Class Action Lawsuit Notice

August 31, 2020 our Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all special needs students in the state of California for District’s failures to offer or provide a FAPE to Students since the closure of schools per the Governor’s order.

COVID 19 UPDATE “ The virus pandemic has made a much bigger mess of special education than it already was. Quarantining kids has been incredibly hard on families and caregivers. Districts are struggling to figure out how to provide virtual services and, in many cases, doing it poorly.”

“Wayne Sailor University of Kansas”

Our office has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of our Plaintiffs and the other 800,000 children in California schools with special needs. These children have been denied a basic minimum education because they’ve been sent home to distance learning without any effort being made to determine the effect their disabilities have on their abilities to learn online, and they have struggled.

To fix this, we’ve brought suit against the Governor, the Superintendent of Education, and nearly 1,000 school districts across the state to make them live up to their legal obligations to ensure that these special needs students are no longer left behind.

Although a chosen few are receiving services from a Non-Public Agency (NPA) or private schools funded by the Districts most of our children are not! We are demanding the Governor and Superintendent re-open our schools to the parents who wish to have their children attend immediately, or in the alternative, that all students with special needs be provided the private direct education services and supports to which the districts agreed in their IEPs, whether this means 1:1 direct aide and Designated Instructional Services such as direct speech and language services, making available occupational therapy services or providing compensatory education by private educational agencies, NPA’s or private professionals.

Importantly, they also need to address the serious extensive regression these students have suffered due to the failed UDL design and unassisted virtual learning which makes it impossible for them to learn. Our goal is to make sure these students are placed on the same footing as their non-special needs peers.

If you wish to expidite  your request for compensitory funds without any cost to you,and any other educational services, or wish to be included in the class action  Please fill in the information below  
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